Thursday, June 17, 2010

im pretty sure vibrators are the best invention since dinosaur chicken nuggets

So it is definantly a late night blogging kind of day. I spent a portion of today at work and the other sitting on the couch, but at this point I don't give a rat's ass about shit.
I miss my baby sister like a bad habit. She's always been the one who has made the jerk-holes actually look like jerk-holes, she is my best friend when it comes to not being so lonely in a jerk-hoe filled world. lol. I'm tired of the highschool bull shit!!! It's so hard being myself anyways why should I put even more effort into you liking me!! If I pick on you, deal with it, it's my way of saying hey you're cool, let's be friends. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just being me. Don't jump on my grill about being a bitch, I am that's for sure, but I do enjoy having people to talk to too. I'm that bad habit you can't get rid off. I'm the looney at the looney bin that just seems right to pick on and the some jerk-holes think it won't hurt me, but it does. I'm not as crazy as you think I am, I'm just goofy, always have been. I learned when I was little it's better to speak up then stay quiet.
Whatever, I give up!

Sorry about all the griping just been a long couple of weeks that won't end!