Friday, November 12, 2010

Look What The Cat Dragged In

I really haven't had the best material to write about in a long while, but after last night I'm sure this will be fun!
I must state before hand that I am 8 months pregnant with a baby boy! He's welcome at anytime though I hope he waits until December 28th when he is expected. Smalls has been the best thing to happen to us in the last 2 years! He's a wiggler but it hasn't been to bad.
Anyways, now on to the terrific night I had last night!
I spent last night out at the Horseshoe for the Bret Michael's concert. If you didn't know me you would probably wonder why a 22 year old would want to see an old rocker like that, but I will tell you if I EVER get to see any concerts from hair bands I will enjoy every moment! I am a 80's hair band fanatic! So I went to the concert, and love it. It was made even better when the 40 year old women wearing skinny jeans, fringed leather jackets, leopard print, and big hair, started making fools of themselves by acting like 14 year old girls at the Justin Bieber concert! The outfits were terrible! The hair had frizz and bumps, and sideways pony tails. I have no problem with 80's dress but this was just awful! It was more fodder for the fire! As my cousin and I sat down for a quick bite in Legends, the table next to us stood up and picked up their signs (yes, I said signs). Bright lime green poster board sporting things like 'I love you, Bret!' 'Marry me!'. ya know the usual signs at concerts! One women at this table was wearing skinny jeans, gold herculean heels with the ties on the outside of the jeans and a leopard print top, if that doesn't make your head hurt than I don't know what will. My cousin and I just started cracking up after they left, and we couldn't believe that a 40 some year old women would even consider go out in public like that. To say the least, I loved the concert, and so did Smalls! He was rocking out, just a wiggling away! The only time he kicked me hard was when the music stopped! He's going to be my little rocker and I have no problem with that! He didn't like the drum solo either, and I know that because he stuck his foot as far in my rib cage as he possible could get and pushed! It was the worst pain I could ever imagine.
So let's enjoy the day thinking about all of the 40 year old women who makes a fool of themselves and rejoice in the fact that it gives us something to brighten the day!
Later guys,