Monday, January 11, 2010

there was a guy here who managed to get his head stuck in a fishbowl. no, I don't fuckin know how!

Alright, I think my computer isn't freaking out anymore... Well, as of today it is being good. So, on to be a dork and telling you all that I honestly missed you!!!

Now onto business...
I have recieved a very amazing award from Meatbag over at "Why? How? and other abstract questions." and will be accepting it graciously..... finally. Thanks Meatbag! Just because I blog from Kentucky doesn't mean I was born and raised there but to me it doesn't matter where your point of origin is, it's a matter of where it takes you. :)

Now, that I am done with business, I will go on about things that only matter to me. haha. :)

It has been almost 2 years (in March) since I met Patrick and almost 2 years (in April) since we started dating. I've known for a long while now that I have a romantic on my hands, but he topped it with his proposal. As cliche as it sounds, he proposed Christmas morning, and I wasn't expecting it. He had stuffed a stocking with a bunch of UK stuff, movies and even the Abominadable Snowman, but put the ring in the toe. So I'm pulling all of these things out of the stocking and finally get to this gum ball machine container, you know like the ones you get the little 25cent toys in, and that's when he just looked at me with these big old eyes. Of course I said yes, I may be crazy but at least I'm crazy enough to take a giant step towards something I want! I am crazy about him and I love him more than anyone could ever possibly figure out!

Though I must stay in touch with Jes more and slow down on the stressful life I'm leading, I am truely happy, something I thought was only a fairytale. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but I've only been back at Wick's for 2 months and I am already burned out, so I applied to the Daycare that just opened up, still have no idea if I got the job, but I feel a little better with the thought that I may get this job and be able to only work 3 nights at Wick's. It's not the same as when I first started many moons ago but it works for now. Hopefully we will be able to work up some money in the next couple of years to start a new chapter in life and move to Georgia or Alabama, open our diner that we want and buy our house. It would be nice to live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else again.

I must be going and on to my next adventure! Yay!

5 Songs stuck in my head:
All Summer Long- Kid Rock
Fat Lip- Sum 41
Translyvanian Concubine- Rasputina
The Way You Look Tonight- Frank Sinatra
Hero Heroine- Boys like Girls


  1. Well, congrats on getting engaged.

  2. I love it! seeing two people together that love each other is always a great thing. wish you all the best with the relationship and the business idea.

  3. Congrats to you and Patrick! So happy for you...and it's about damn time you accepted my award! Hahaha