Thursday, March 11, 2010

The many faces of J.C.

No not, Jesus or Joey Combover but of June Cleaver....

Mrs. Cleaver may be a simple housewife but there is more to her than anyone can even guess. Ward is probably a very sexually satisfied man, and the Beaver grew up a great life. She never had any promiscuous skeletons in her closet and she always had a kiss and lunch packed for her handsome husband and lovely kids. Dinner was ate at the table not in front of the TV and it was always at dinner time (6). It never mattered what was going on in the neighborhood or what the local gossip was saying that day. She is the person most women want to be and most men want to have.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for women in the workplace and the right to vote, even though I don't. I just believe that a mother should be home with her kids and taking care of her family is top priority. I will work until the day my first child is born and I will pick up a flexible job when the last of them go into kindergarten. But to each their own.
So June, don't go getting worked up about not knowing what to do when your kiddos move out, there is a place in the work force for you. And June keep your sassy coming.

5 Songs stuck in my head:
Need You Now- Lady A
Only You Can Love Me Like That- Keith Urban
Bad Romance- Lady Gaga
Down- Jay Sean
Blue Jeans and a Rosary- Kid Rock

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