Monday, August 31, 2009

"I know you are in there! I can hear you caring!"

So I started this blog as a way of expressing myself with out my entire family (facebook) breathing down my neck and telling me that my prespective is all wrong. But now I think I am going to just write and not care what everyone thinks! So I guess to start it off I will explain who I am.
I am 21. I am outgoing, I love people, I love work, I love my obscenely crazy family, I love my friends, but most of all I love God. That's right, you guessed it. I am a Christian. I believe in God even when I believe in Karma and Fate too. I have had my doubts and I've asked my questions but the best that I can come up with is there is a God, and He loves us.
Ive recently (on June 2nd) had a miscarriage. She stopped developing at 9 weeks and I was suppose to be 12. The doctor told me I was one of the strongest woman that he has ever had to tell that too, but I dont show emotion well. My parents are upset that my boyfriend didnt go with me to the hospitol that day but I knew if he had gone with me I would not have been able to hold it together as well. We also found out that day about 3 hours after the baby, which we have named Chasity Marie, his momma passed away. Now you may be thinking how can she still believe there is a God with all that happening? Well here is my answer; I believe God took Chasity because He didn't quite make His qouta on angels, and that He took Grandma Carol so there is someone to watch Chasity when a couple of the other angels claim His attention. I know I will see both Chasity and his mom in Heaven and that is what keeps me going when all I want to do is break down and cry.
I am currently in Ohio. Not enjoying that to much, I wish I was back home in L'Ville. My boyfriend is currently in L'Ville. We are 300 miles apart and have been for almost 2 months now. We've been together almost a year and half and I can't live with out him. :) I am a bibliophile, I seem to always be reading 3 books at once. I am a history fanatic. I love movies. I've worked as a dietary aide in a nursing home, as a car hop for Sonic, as a bar tender, as a server, in a pizza kitchen, in a fondue kitchen, as a concessionist at a theater, as a baby sitter, and as a newspaper 'delivery boy'. I've learned something from every single job, and I've never truely hated any of them. I was in marching band for 4 straight years, and I learned something from that: work hard and strive for perfection. I do what I love, and I try to live as if I will die tomorrow. I am a Michigan Wolverines fan even though I was born and raised in Ohio. I am a University of Kentucky Wildcats fan though I have lived in the heart of Louisville. I am a Green Bay Packers fan though I am dating a Detroit Lions fan. AND I am a Dr. Gregory House fan though I grew up on Dr. Green (ER). I don't like being lied to, I am honest with you so be honest with me. I don't like broken promises, If you cant keep the promise don't make it.
I overreact, I have a temper, I get carried away, and I talk to myself, yet I enjoy my life. I have stuft monkey named Mr. Monkey, and though he likes to call me names, he has rescued me from the pits of depression, anxiety, and writer's block. I have a cabbage patch kid named Austin who has been by my side since I was little. Austin is my salvation, and my only link to being the little girl I once was. I like being barefoot and wearing jeans, a t-shirt and huge sunglasses. I am an Irish-Italian redhead and I am a many sided shape. Im never the same person twice, yet it seems like it. I don't wear a mask, I try to be me.

Now that I have carried on about me, tell me about yourself.


  1. Hi again Lizz! Wow, I feel like I know you pretty well after that little biography...hehehe... well, I'm Billy, I am 35 and have been happily married for 10 years, I have worked at the same job for 11 years, and although we have no kids, we have a dog and cat that we consider our kids...I love traveling, blogging, swimming, driving, and Football... I'd rather be funny than serious, but I do have my quiet side when I just want to vegetate and think... however, I prefer to be the life of the party and make everybody laugh...

  2. I like laughing. So you found the right person to comment for :) haha.

  3. Hello fellow Kentuckian! I didn't think there were any other people from my state in the whole bloggy world!

    Thanks so much for following. ;)