Saturday, September 5, 2009

Elvis has left the building....

or he's just in Vegas playing the slot machines.... Y'all know how mysterious Elvis can be. :)

So, I've realized its been an adventourous weekend to say the least. I spent Friday doing nothing really, but Saturday was busy. We went and visited my brother's big sister who he hasnt seen in 3o years. (My brother is my half brother, I consider him full brother, and his big sister is his half sister.) We drove about 2 hours to her house out in tourist central, Ohio (for any of you Michaganders, or the likes, She's lives in Geneva on the Lake...). I was actually glad I went along on this little joy ride because she is good people. My brother was so excited, I thought he was going to puke, but everything went off without any projectile vomit or the likes. Now my brother's step brother is, in no way related to me at all, and decided that I was good enough to hit on... I have lived in L'Ville for 3 years and even I thought that was a little weird. That's like going to a family reunion to pick out your new wife! Anyways, So I was this man's target for the night, but I will give you a couple reasons why he got the cold shoulder and disgusted looks.

1) Not my type... I don't have a problem with chunky/large/obese/fat people, but I just don't date them.
2) He's 42! Old enough to be my father.
3) His entire top set of front teeth was missing.
4) He had a lack of intelligence.
5) He was the epitome of 'White Trash Redneck'
6) He was creepy weird... Not just weird, not just creepy... CREEPY WEIRD!
7) He has two kids that are like 6 or 7 and they are 3 months apart... he doesn't even have the decency of being loyal.
8) and I'm honestly in love with Patrick.

That list is only partial reasons. If you could see this guy, you would turn him down too! Oh, and one more good reason: His name is Demetrius: He's half white, mixed with something that makes him tan really really dark... Not that I'm racist, I just have my sheltered box of requirements. Anyways, Deanne was cool, her and her recent husband are 12 and 1/2 years apart and they are happily in love. Just that gives me hope for the future of Patrick and I. Deanne's daughter just graduated high school and she has the most amazing voice ever. She tried out for American Idol last year but got declined. :( At least, she tried.
It made me realize that, though me and my sister are family to my brother that he needs the other part too. It also made me realize that Deanne, Frank, and I, all have something in common. I have a boyfriend thats 12 years older, Frank is with my sister-in-law, who is, like, 8 years older, and Deanne has Jared who is younger by 12 years.

It was a very, very weird Saturday!

Today, (Sunday), I went to church, got in a huge fight with my best friend from growing up, about reasons behind why I won't hug him (I'll save those reasons for another day), got in a spat with the preacher. I really don't like him, he is good but he directs his sermons as if he was a televangilist. I got many needed hugs from the grandparents of the teen group, and then came home to an empty house and took a nap. :) When I woke up I kept thinking, well, I think I'm just gunna chill at the house and watch movies, possibly get some reading done (like every other day of the week) but boy, was I wrong! I ended up hanging out with my best friend (since 7th grade) and we played Wii and just talked. So that ends tonight, and tomorrow I have a pig roast!!! Wohoo!! And as I told the Organic Meatbag, "You always need to wear shirts that make you smile." Well, My shirt tomorrow says, and I qoute, "We serve no swine before its time."

So now I must say Adieu, ADIEU!, and get the heck outta here.
Later y'all!!

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