Sunday, September 13, 2009

Irish are drunks anyways...

I am loving this college football season! Wolverines are 2-0 and there may be one team that can stop us this year... possibly and it's not looking so good for MSU this year (1-1) though I can't say very much it is early on in the season.... Yeah, I'm a nerd, I know this.

It's been so hard for me to write anything lately, that I feel like my brain has gone on a hiatus. :(
Though today one of my close friends posted pictures from her trip to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. She is an atheist, I don't have an issue with them unless they are not willing to see my side of religion, which in this case she didn't. My other thing is I really dislike people who try to press what they believe on others. Like this for example: (I cant seem to get my uploader to worker. lol. Hold on!)

(Yay! I'm not a retard!)This picture was taken on I-71 in Ohio, between Columbus and Cincinnati, I believe. Ok, it makes you think, but this isn't the only sign sitting there. The other says 'Hell is near' or something along those lines. On the back of these two signs (as if you need more reason to hate people), is the ten commandments, as they were written in the King James version, ya know, Thou shall not... I hate that, it's like straight up propaganda for the Catholics. Now I know these signs were not put up by a Catholic church but by a "non-denominational, hard working, accepting" church of Christ, except there are no lesbains or gays (I realize that the Bible says that marriage is between man and woman, but acceptance is what I was talking about), there are no divorcees, there are no tattooed biker dudes (there are many biker dudes who believe in God), and most of all there are no teens, the younger generation, to make sure that the 'good' they do is carried on. The reason for this is because they are all 'God will smite the evil sinners!' God doesn't smite anyone anymore because He knows that He has the choice in the end of accepting them in Heaven or sending them on their way to Eternal Damnation! Why should God smite them when He can just write all their faults in the ledger and play them back on the 142,000 inch, flat screen when they request entrance into Heaven.

I don't understand why people put so much emphasis into one God when all religions are the same and the ones that aren't are the ones who have a deity for everything, and even then they have the same outline. Most religions (including Atheism) have the main deity or Godhead, Christians: Jesus, God, Holy Spirit. Wiccian: Nature or the Goddess Mother Earth. Neo-paganism: Goddess. Atheism: Their deity is knowledge, free will, whatever you would like to call it. Now, I have done my fair share of research on this subject, I have talked to people about their religion (without judgement), I have attended mass, and ceremonies of many of them, and I have gotten the same concept out of all of them, "The 'god' rules all, s/he is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient.'

Now that I have that off my chest (if only I could get rid of these double D's), please don't be upset with my post, and please comment back! Tell me why you believe what you believe or even what you believe. :) I'm sorry if it wasn't funny, or full of sexual innuendos, but I hope it made you think, at least a little bit. Question everything because everything has a question.


  1. We have a ton of those signs in Texas, especially along the highways. As my wife and I drive home we will look up and say, "Wonder what God is going to say to day?"

    As for beliefs, I claim Agnostic. I can't prove or disprove anything so I am just sitting here enjoying the ride. My brain is very fact based and there are so many unknowns to any organized religion that I can't put my head around it, thus I have no basis for faith.

  2. You've probably already guessed from my blog that I find religion to be a bunch of hokey nonsense, but again, that's me... like Homer Simpson said, "The Bible is my favorite fictional book!"