Thursday, September 3, 2009

Like sands through an hour glass, so are the days of our lives.

Life is precious, we shouldn't fight over something as stupid as who has the remote control or even who has control over what country. I will not hurt the emotions of or harm another living soul... unless it's college football season.

Well since it is that time again, first games of the season are played this weekend, I must say, I do not disagree on who's team is better, I do not care if you rooted for one team last year and another this, I rarely see the issue in being friends with someone who likes your team's rivalry. I will tell you flat out, I am not a fair weather fan. I don't care if my team lost to their rival 5 years in a row, I don't care if we are only #6 in the Big Ten (I am actually not sure what standing they are in yet..)! I care if they play from their heart, they played a good game, played fair and at least scored some.

Now, that's said, I am a Michigan Wolverine until I die. Noone will stop me! Mwahahaha!

But I will also add this; my House is divided. Patrick is a Michigan State fan, and we all know (if you know the big ten, at least) MSU and Michigan are a big in-state rivalry. Whoopdedoo! Some of my best friends are Ohio State fans, and yes, Michigan has had their asses handed to them for the last 5 years but I feel a change in the wind coming! It's all friendly arguing and game day hype, that makes our friendship stronger. With friends you never want someone who always agrees with you, right?
So, who's going to kick some Scarlet ass this year? GO BLUE!!! wohoo!! College Football season, here I come.

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  1. I'm ready to get the NFL kicked off...hoping my Rams bounce back this year! Hahaha!