Wednesday, September 16, 2009


It feels FANTASTIC-AL :) to be on that cusp of heading home! Ok, so I may have another month until that happens but I'm hoping that it is sooner than that, because Do I need to be loved on! Don't get me wrong I love my strange and fascinating, yet oh so annoying family, I love my church family, I love my home town and I love my best (girl) friend, Jaime, But no one here is going to help me out and Cleveland is one of the worst places to get a job at now a days. Also there is only one person I want to be getting my loving from but right now he is 300 MILES AWAY!


And, God, right now sex sounds like ice cream on a hot day, aka fabulous. haha. I am not just missing the sex, I'm also missing sleeping in, watching movies, cuddling (yes, I said it), going out to lunch, the flowers (hint, hint), and pretty much just enjoying the company. Everday it gets closer and I get a little more hyped for the occassion.

This week just keeps getting better, hope it stays that way.

.... Tell me about your week!

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