Monday, September 14, 2009

My Best Friend

I said I would save the stories about Kurk and I for a later date, and well, it's definantly a later date. :)
Here's some background on us:
-We have been best friends for years (since I was 2 days old)
-We had sleep overs, and pick-a-nicks.
-We've been in the same classes at church since we were both little things.
-My dad and his dad are close and have been for years before we were even thought about.
-My dad quit attending church, while his dad became deacon.
-There were bets, until last August, that we would end up marrying. He is now married and I am not.
-We were inseperable.
-We have got into so much trouble that people know about, and more that people don't.
-And we love to snap towels... until I get welted up and bleeding and he comes to church the next morning with two black eyes, claiming he ran into a doorknob (not just the door) twice.

Well, back in highschool Mr. Goodytwoshoes wasn't as good as everybody thought. We use to do alot of mischievious things when our parents' backs were turned. We've slept together (and I don't mean the buddy-buddy footie jammy party in this context) many times, we spent Valentine's day together... alone, we had long talks about the perfect opposite sex, I wrecked his truck for goodness sakes! We covered for each other when one of us got caught. We would sneak out of our respectable houses just to hang out at the beach or in his neck of the woods. We were crazy!
Now back in August he called me up two weeks before his wedding to tell me that he wanted me there... IT WAS IN NEBRASKA! I have nothing against any state but I'm a poor college student. Anyways, he called me and said 'I would love to have my best friend here, I will even pay for her plane ticket out.' I respectfully declined stating that I couldn't just up and leave for that weekend because I already had plans with the boyfriend. But my actual reasons were 1) His wife does not like me at all, not even a teensy-insy bit. 2) I didn't get an actual handwritten/typed invitation. I found out from his dad two weeks before he called me. 3) I couldn't show up and know that (at that point in time) I still had the slightest 3rd grade crush on him. So I declined the invite making us a grow apart a little bit more than we already did when he left for college.
Well in April, his sister's wedding came around. I got an invite, I even RSVPed to their mom, telling her that I didn't want Kate to know I was coming. I even spent time going through my closest for something respectable to wear, I had the date requested off, and I had the boyfriend going with me. So, we headed to my hometown and showed up at the wedding. Kurk was a groom's man, and very upset when he saw that I showed up for Kate's but wouldn't for his. At the reception I paid compliments to the people I had come to see and to the wedding party. I even complimented Kurk on his purple vest and tie, they looked great on him. He pulled me outside and berated me and tried to make me feel horrible about not going to his wedding, and that's when I told him that his wife and I had a mutual distaste for each other. Again, making our rift bigger. I hadn't talked to him again until end of July/beginning of August and he pretended like nothing happened. So now we're all brought up to the fight we had last Sunday, all because I wouldn't hug him.
I talked to him yesterday, and we talked like we use to, except we discussed that we valued our friendship more than we valued finding new friends. We decided that we will be new friends, as if we just met, and that the past is the past and there are no more awkward feelings between us. And for the first time in almost two years I hugged him like I was five again, and it felt great! Though I wonder how long this 'new friendship' will last for we seemed to always be fighting :)

And as my man Humphrey Bogart says in Casablanca, "Here's to the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
The week has started off good, hope it stays that way, and I wish you all a good beginning of the week that ends great!

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