Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Looking out for number 1

I learned today that people that you don't expect to disappoint you, always will. I also learned that those who look out for Number One; only looks out for themselves and noone else. Yeah, I understand, sometimes you do have to look out for yourself, but there are other people that need your help. My semi first best friend when I moved to Louisville, wanted to move to Vegas since the first day I met him (that was almost 3 years ago). Well now, after very litte thought on his part, he wants to join a cruise ship. Alright, sounds goood, enjoy yourself, but call me, I will miss you! He keeps saying he has nothing Louisville to keep him there and that is honest crap. He has is Mom, Dad, Sister and Nephews, he has his best friends, he has a job. So why does he want to run away so bad? I don't know he won't tell me anything anymore. We use to just sit around and talk about nothing and everything, we watched each others backs.
So looking out for yourself.
There's really no reason to this blog at all. It's just the rant of leaving my best friends for the sole purpose of making my life a little better, to knowing that when I finally get back to Louisville a couple of them will leave or already be gone. I have one best friend left here in Ohio and Im thankful for that but I miss the ones that had given me reason to keep on going, keep on trying to go back to school, and to keep on hoping that things will get better.
I really guess my entire blog isnt as funny as I was hoping it would be, it's more sad and rants then anything else. Maybe it's because my life sucks right now, or maybe because I feel like I got the raw end of the deal... I dont know.

Any opinions? or shall I just go on my way? haha

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  1. Aww Lizzy. You know I'll always be there for you even if I have to come down to Louisville to kick your butt. Phone on 24/7 darling you're always welcome to call and talk.