Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ex-Band Members know how to Finger, Tongue and Blow....

I know that some of you, lovely readers, have hidden, 'geeky' passions. Mine just happens to be Band. Yes, I was the band geek, dork, loser, whatever you called them in high school, but I didn't care. I was, still am, proud of my band, and Jaime would say the same thing.
I went to the Showcase of Bands, which is now an OMEA competition (and has been for at least 5 years), Saturday night. I had tons of fun! I got to hang out with a part of the old group, there were a few at college. We sat there and I know that we all wished we could be back out on that field. It felt so weird to be sitting in the stands, watching all these bands perform, and not have to go and get 'suited' up for our performance, but things never change and we were in those stands acting like the high school marching band members we once were. :) It felt like old times without the hassle of capes, plumes and instruments!
We began talking about things that we wish we had back, ESPECIALLY on the new uniforms the band has now. They don't have capes, I was very sad. We continued our conversations with a tell all sort of feel. They wanted to know why we had to sit boy/boy, girl/girl on the bus (because of me). We talked about our Florida trips with a new found love, and our competitions. We judged every band on the field with a steady eye. We watched footwork, drill after drill, the horn hits and angles, and the drive that most dedicated members have. It felt powerful.
In competition, every show that is performed and judged has a theme, and the theme must be present in the drill. Jaime and I watched a Latin Jazz show (which really wasn't Latin Jazz), and reminsced about sophomore year. There was a Disney show, a Broadway show, there was a couple shows that didn't make sense, and couple that did. Lakota West HS had one of the best shows this year and it was called Pictures. They had the sound, the technique, and they made me 'want to throw my baby out on the field'. The show was well done and it had pizzaze. It made sense and even more it was very well done. Everyone was in sync and when I say everyone, I mean even the Flag corp and Majorettes!
I know I am such a band dork.... but I love it and it has taught me very, very, very many lessons for life. :)) By the way, here's how you can tell a band-ie;
-has one if not all of their band shirts and sweatshirts.
-Can tell you how to read the drill charts.
-Could, on demand, tell you all of their spots on the field for every show they have ever done.
-Falls into step with you as you walk.
-starts humming old band shows out of nowhere.
-When a song comes on the radio they start marking time, and planning drill for that song.
-They qoute things their director has said, "It's good to be hard... I mean, it's hard to be good." "Play so well that the audience wants to throw their babies out of the stands onto the field." and (my favorite) "You are the only one allowed on your knees on count five, Turner!"
-When a song comes on the radio, they shout 'We played that song my .... year!'
Now that I have showed you my complete band-o moment (which should have been embarrassing), I will have to say; "Amherst, I am proud of you, even if that was one of the shittest shows I have ever seen! But Work hard, Play hard, Stay focused, Enjoy yourself, and Want that 1 at State!! Good Luck, guys!"
See y'all laterz!

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  1. Geeky passions? Yeah, we all have them. I used to be in the choir and we used to wear these hideous yellow vests with rainbow stripes on them which meant we had to be really good to make up for our wardrobe. Good times *sigh*