Friday, October 30, 2009

We are compelled to do what we are forbidden.

*Disclaimer* If you do not like teen angst and/or sparkley vampires, please just disregard this entire blog. Tee hee.

Now, I love the entire Twilight series. It could have been written a little bit better, but it still was yummy. Everyone has chosen their sides, Team Edward and Team Jacob. I on the other hand have chosen Team Emmett. I'm still with the vampires, yes, yet I have the big cuddly teddy bear, Rosalie can go to hell and burn there. :) I will say this I am not normally one to fall for the burlesque guy, but for some reason Emmett appeals to my better nature. I'm sure it is because he always has a smile and a joke, and that he is so loving towards Rosalie (who for most of the four books you want to just stake through the heart, Buffy style). Emmett is my man though and I will not change him for anything...
My other HUGE problem with the books is... When did vampires start sparkling? Alright, that's a nice twist on vampires but give me Lestat, Spike, and Damon anyday. I like my vampires bad, night stalkers. I want to be batted around and played with as if they are the cat and I, the mouse. Edward just reminds me of Angel, I liked Angel good, but I loved him as Angelus more. So here is what I say, if you want to make your vampire come out during the day, you've got 2 possible options that make sense. 1) give them a ring that allows for daytime shenanigans (Damon- [Vampire Diaries] has a ring, Angel/Spike- [Buffy] had a ring until Angel destroyed it.) OR 2) Twist the story into plausible holy water doesn't hurt, can't stake them, crosses don't do shit, and the daylight doesn't hurt them. Make it so that every little 'myth' we've heard about vampires, just doesn't work!
So, anyways that ends my rant for tonight. Any other thoughts are allowed! :)
5 Songs stuck in my head:
Supermassive Black Hole- Muse
Better Than Me- Hinder
Decode- Paramore
Total Immortal- AFI
Tears Don't Fall- Bullet For My Valentine

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