Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Ville

I get really tired of people pronouncing the Ville wrong. Call it The Ville, or even L'Ville, but if you call it by it's proper pronounce it as if you've been there at least once. The city has signs like these all over the place, you can buy shirts and hats with this logo, and people still don't realize they pronounce it wrong. When every one says oh you are going back to Louis-ville, I'm like no I'm going back to Looavul and then I explain that you pronounce as if you have a mouthful of marbles while you say it. It justs irks my irkser when people don't pronounce things right. grr.
I am a huge fan of local music, I like being able to go out to a bar, sit down and hear some music that isn't main stream music. I like being able to chill with them between sets and have a couple drinks. I've met the Villebillies with Tuck living next to me for about a year, I've sat around with them as they have just practiced and bullshitted. I've met some awesome people that just come through Wick's or play there every couple of weekends. Um... Benjamin just called and I lost my train of thought... Oh, right. The funny thing is I use to sit up at Wick's before I turned 21 and listen to the bands with a soda in hand. I've made some good friends that way too. Tuck has been trying to get a hold of me every couple of weeks, just to see if I got my phone back on. He was very surprised when it rang and I answered. Phil (he plays at Wick's alot) is a friend of mine of Facebook and can't wait to see my shining face again.
Louisville is one of the prettiest cities I've ever been in. It has the River Front and the skyline at night is gorgeous. It has it's problems like every other city but all the same it has it's history. The Louisville Sluggar Museum and Field, The Belle of Louisville, A place that blows glass, Muhammed Ali street (road, or lane... not sure).
Anyways, I'm so out for the night. I've got a book to finish before Monday and things to do. So y'all have a great night, day or whatever.
5 Songs Stuck in My Head:
Superman- Eminem
One Week- Barenaked Ladies
Strawberry Fields Forever- the Beatles
Whiskey- The Villebillies
Grass Roots- The Villebillies
I must throw a last one in there:
My Old Kentucky Home- Nappy Roots feat. Villebillies and Goodfella
P.S. the Villebillies have been a big name band for a while so you can buy the first and second CD's at Amazon and the likes. Yet if you would like to know what they are about and hear some of their stuff hit them up on Facebook, Myspace and even Twitter OR here

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  1. I got married at the place that blows glass!


    I love Looavul. :)