Friday, October 23, 2009

Please, Mr. Axe Murder....

I didn't mean to kill your tulips, so, please, please, please don't kill me!

So Jaime and I have been playing a lot of the Game of Life lately. It has just been to joyful and 'oh, you are doing well in life'. I know, it's a kids game but what if there were an adult version....
Paths in life-
1) instead of choosing if you want to take the family path or career path, you have to spin a certain number and that tell you which way you must take.
2) Serial Killer path: you spin a 1-5 and you get to escape from his clutches and are safely in the custody of police, if you spin a 6-10, you are now his hostage, and may possibly die.
3)Family or Career: again you spin 1-5, you take the career path, filled with the happiness of hating your job, being fired, quitting, pay raises, promotion, no family, no spouse, and one night stands that you contract untimely diseases. spin 5-10, you jump on the path to family, which is filled with divorce, to many kids, a stay at home spouse, salary cuts (to show that you are not making enough to support your family, yet you still make ends meet), toy purchases, teen daughters, AA classes, etc.
Cars- are old beat up P.O.S.'s until you land on one of 5 spaces, where it will tell you that something untimely causes your car to go caput and you must spend $100,000 (not the real price of a car) to buy a new one, also there are spaces that have things to do with fixing cars (i.e. brakes go pay 10,000 to have them fixed and lose one turn)
Squares along the board-
1) Roof needs repaired on house, pay ....
2) Car catches on fire while on the highway, pay .... in hospitol bills
3) win lottery collect ... , a couple squares down from that, lose money when mugged by hobo, give to the person your right.
4) Go to rehab for Meth addiction pay ....

Anyways, that is only a few things that I have thought about for my adut version of life. If you've got any more ideas, leave a comment, if not leave a comment on your thoughts and because you love to show me love!

5 songs that are stuck in my head:
I'm Yours- Jason Mraz
All Summer Long- Kid Rock
Summertime- Rascal Flatts
Detroit Rock City- KISS
Live Your Life- Rihanna feat. T.I.


  1. Ooooh, more squares:

    1. Oink, oink! Swine flu for you...3 squares back!
    2. Teenaged idiot busy texting while driving, runs over you at intersection...hello medical bills, bye bye to three months of your life!
    3. Whoops! Caught with your pants down in a porno theater with Pee Wee Herman! Call your bail bondsman!

  2. I LOVE it!! I laughed really hard. Just because life isnt as easy as the game says it would be.