Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wick's+Mental Retardation=Fantastical Times!: Take II

Now imagine, you are sitting at booth in a restaurant and are struck by the simple fact that the moulding is teal and the walls are purple! You all of a sudden, get this urge to hunt down an elephant and hide out in the jungle. You ask yourself, "Am I sure I just heard an elephant, monkeys, and a bird??" Your server walks up to the table with this absurd grin and introduces himself as Jamie. You go to ask him about the noises but think better of it, you don't want to come off as crazy, so instead you ask for a pint Smithwick's. As Jamie runs off to get your beer, you look at the menu. IT'S purple! You look over at you laptop and realize you now have a new topic to write about in your blog, because the readers already think you are crazy. Jamie arrives back with your beer and asks if you need more time to look at the menu. You tell him no and that you have decided on the Chicken Fajita. Jamie walks away to put your order in and you pull your laptop in front of you. You start to type but decide to look around you again, and see that you are the only one sitting in the dining room. You here, "I need a 18 inch Mighty Meaty and 18 inch Big Dick." in a female's voice. You can't help but giggle. You go back to blogging....That story ends how you want it to end. Though the readers of my blog may think I'm already crazy but I won't blog from that atmosphere until I am back in Louisville. The place is Wick's Pizza, and it is a very inspiring place for bloggers who enjoy great food, great alcohol, and interesting blogs.
My Wick's stories don't even come close to how normal that all would seem, they are beyond that. I have been called out on many things back in that kitchen, one of the most prominent brought up frequently by Benjamin is the third night Patrick worked in my kitchen. I was working expo and Sandwich that night and Ben caught me staring, and said 'Lizz, quit staring at his ass.' The look on my face was priceless (or so I've heard) and I immediatly turned around and began my work on sandwich. (but Ben tells the story better and I hope will comment on this blog as an annnymus user.)
I did not start blogging at Wick's, therefore I can't send you to another blog with all the stories and things I saw, but I can tell you, I loved that place. I have been in the midst of a 'jungle exploration' because the some of the boys would make animal noises, I have also hunted down a 'BK' bird, because one of the boys took the pizza paddles and started flapping them as if they were wings. I have been caught in a dark corner of the dining room and/or bar making out with someone (usually Patrick). My GM knew from the second day of Patrick working there, something is was going to develop between us. I have been called the Wicked Bitch of the North (Im from Ohio) by servers. I have many bartenders as friends and I enjoy the company of 98% of the regulars.
I got into flour fights with Sir Nicholas and flour fights with Ben. I got hit in the boob, ass and head all at the same time in a dough fight. I've broken up fights between best friends in the parking lot, and had a couple myself. I've spent hours at work on my day off just bullshitting. Tye-dye has become a part of my wardrobe (even though I haven't worked there in a year). I've been passed up for kitchen manager when I should have gotten it (hell, I rarely cared about it). I've had managers from other stores in my kitchen and it was still MY kitchen. I pulled a good 80+ hours a week for about a month with no days off.
Wick's is like Cheers. Everybody knows your name, and there is even a guy like Norm. It's a place that I am proud to call home, with people that I call family. Jamie is just one of the many severs that are sweet! He only works Friday-Saturday nights but he does his job with a smile. Memorie is my favorite server girl, she is amazing and even her babies are beautiful. Mikey, well there's alot of story behind him but, Mikey is just Mikey. He's an excellent bartender and even better friend.
This ends Take II, I am sure I will get many more stories thrown at me that I have forgotten and so look for a Take III in the near future. Enjoy, the yummy fun-ness and if you are ever in Louisville, hit them up either Middletown (used to be my store) or Goosecreek. You will enjoy Led Zeppelin playing in the background and you will wonder when the bikers, truckers and low- lifes show up but they never do! You won't be let down on how amazing the food is either!
5 Songs Heard Inside Wick's:
Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin
Super Freak- Rick James
The Way You Make Me Feel- Michael Jackson
So Hott- Kid Rock
Crazy Bitch- Buckcherry

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